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Navigate through times of chaos and discord, with a wise, happy and joyful heart. Enliven your senses, nurture your spirit, build resilience and empowerment.

The Way to a Joyful Heart 
3-Part Series

The Path to Self Love
Embracing your inner "Kraken"
July 16

Your emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and relational health are all affected by unresolved "energetic" patterns that influence all areas of our lives. Get to know your own shadow and the parts of yourself that need attention as a first step towards self-love. The only way out is through and the keeper of this wisdom is our Kraken.


Learn how your energy manifests and gain remarkable insights about how your perceptions and beliefs impact you. 


Awaken your inner Healer and Sage - Igniting Inner Wisdom
July 30

The power to heal is unequivocally yours. Learn to reconnect with and nurture your inherent wisdom in order to live in rhythm and harmony with universal laws of consciousness. You are a walking miracle!


Your heart knows what it needs.  Learn to follow the voice of your heart.  Experience what it feels like to trust yourself and open up to greater meaning.


The Road to Happiness & Joy
Cultivating Resilience and Empowerment
August 13

Regardless of whatever challenges we are faced with, we have been gifted with the inner capacity for great strength, courage, resourcefullness and reslience to move through the constantly shifting currents of life.


Learn how to navigate those currents with grace and gratitude, the keys to happiness and joy.

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Empowerment, Discovery and Fulfillment

Join us for a transformational journey where you will learn:

  • how to manage your powerful energy and how to access your inner wisdom and guidance

  • to deepen your intuition and awaken to who you really are

  • how to tune in to your body and break free of the self-made confines of your head where your fears, anxieties and self-critical thoughts live.

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