• janetkos

Happiness in Two Words - Sweet, Sweet Summer

Happy Summer friends! I hope that you have been as joyful as the carefree days of summer.

Sweet Summer are indeed happy words, but I have thought of others as I prepare for when we might need just a bit more than glorious summer to keep us going. Read on for some exciting news and to discover two other important words for happiness ...

This summer I've been on an incredible road trip of conferences, workshops and retreats meeting dozens of outstanding people who are pursuing or revolutionizing happiness. Though the journey can be intricate and complex for many individuals, I've discovered that there two important starting points ...

Connection & Honesty 1. Connection is essential for happiness, period. Life is relationships. Connection to (most importantly) ourselves, to others and to our environment has the single largest impact to our happiness. And when we are happy, this energy affects everyone in our space, because we are all connected.

2. To be happy, be honest. Your words and thoughts about yourself matter, and when they are not aligned to the truth of the magnificent and beautiful person you are, dishonesty and dissonance erode your self esteem, your self love, your love for others and your very power. Listen to your heart - it knows the truth.

With this in mind, I am very excited to tell you about a new retreat experience that I created along with two very special facilitators. We are each specialists in a unique but oh-so-coolly connected way!

The Call to Wisdom - New Moon Retreat It is all about connection - how our energies are connected to, and affected by each other. How the energy of the earth & the natural world is connected to us. Most importantly, it all begins with how we are connected to ourselves - what is your truth?


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