Super New Moon Retreat - Surrender to the Magic & Mystery

Moon Magic

A new moon symbolizes new beginnings.  Because of the interconnected nature of the moon and our energy, each new moon offers us an opportunity to set new intentions.  In the retreat, you will attune with nature and ground emotionally to bring clarity and truth to your inner desires.  Setting our intentions and bringing them into conscious action will lead you to a more empowered life path. 

We are Connected

Our relationship with the earth and the natural world is one of interconnection.   We are inherently wired to attune to the cycles and rhythms of nature.  Ancient wisdom held this connection as sacred and at the very essence of creation.  Learn how to consciously align to these cycles, move in rhythm with the wisdom of the natural world and achieve greater balance and harmony in your life.

Your Heart Knows the Way

Your heart knows what it needs - are you listening?  We are intuitive beings,  yet we often dismiss our intuition and mistrust or do not recognize what is actually a deeper knowing.  Learn to follow the voice of your heart.  Experience what it feels like to trust yourself and open up to greater meaning and magic.

Horses - Mirrors to our Soul

Horses are among the wisest teachers in the animal kingdom. By reflecting our emotions back to us, these powerful, truthful and intuitive creatures help us connect to our heart and drop our masks.  We will work with horses to tune into ourselves and question the stories in our head where our fears and inner critic reside.

Your Energetic Blueprint

Our energy is at the core of a happy and successful life and drives our emotions and behaviours. Is it possible to change our energy so that we don't merely function ... but thrive?  Learn how your energy manifests and gain remarkable insights about how your perceptions and beliefs impact you.  With clarity, you will see when your energy supports you and when it impedes you.

Endings and Beginnings

The New Moon is a time for both rumination and rejuvenation.  Experience the transformative power of a new moon fire ceremony to release old patterns and clear the way for the new to manifest in your life.

A Day of Empowerment, Discovery and Fulfillment

Join us for a transformational journey where you will learn:

  • how to manage your powerful energy and how to access your inner wisdom and guidance

  • connect to ancient wisdom teachings and  learn how to recognize and use your inherent gifts and abilities

  • how to align to the cycles of the natural world to live a more intentional and purposeful life

  • deepen your intuition and awaken to who you really are

  • how to work in the presence of horse energy to tune in to your body and break free of the self-made confines of your head where your fears, anxieties and self-critical thoughts live.


Experience the alchemy of a new moon fire ceremony to transcend limitations and set new intentions for the road ahead as you let go of struggling, settling and playing small.

“It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing."


   Oriah Mountain Dreamer, excerpt from The Invitation

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