We look forward to sharing this journey

Welcome!  and we look forward to meeting you on August 31 at the Super New Moon Retreat. 

This day will be a bringing together of all of our energies - the facilitators, the participants and the horses.  We are very excited about this merging of wisdom and look forward to combining and sharing our gifts.  We know that you will bring your own gifts of wisdom and energy also.  

Looking forward to meeting you, 

Roz, Janet and Jenn

Who We Are

Roz Espin

Roz is a Professional Coach (CPC) and an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner specializing in Transformational Energy Coaching and Leadership Training.

Drawing upon 10+ years of experience in Shamanic Energy Medicine, Celtic Wisdom and Earth Mysteries, I employ the timelessness of ancient wisdom to more effectively navigate modern day challenges.  I am passionate about supporting others in reconnecting to their purpose, recognizing their inherent gifts and learning how to apply them to live more conscious, masterful and magical lives.  

Janet Kosowan

Janet is a Professional Coach (CPC),  Happiness Expert & Trainer (Happiness Studies Academy) and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner.

I truly believe that there is greatness in all of us.  I combine the principles of Happiness with energy based coaching to allow people to discover their purpose and potential by resolving their limiting beliefs and inner critic and optimizing their gifts and talents so that they live an authentic and powerful life. 


Jennifer Schramm

Jenn is a Registered Counsellor, Life Coach and Certified FEEL Facilitator (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning.


For almost 15 years, she has created liberating opportunities for people to let go of false standards and live from within.   She has helped thousands of clients achieve the transformative freedom of being the most truthful versions of themselves.


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